Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you have never been to botanical gardens before, there is no better place to begin than to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The gardens feature an impressive collection of four glasshouses, each one featuring a completely different backdrop and atmosphere to enjoy.

Four Diverse Glasshouses

To start, you can explore the Tropical House, which as the name suggests is very warm and humid. Be sure to dress appropriately and take some water in with you. You’ll see many of the plants that would normally grow in tropical regions rather than in Birmingham.

The Subtropical Palm House is second on the list, with slightly cooler temperatures than the Tropical House, but with a unique collection of plants and trees to show you. Look out for the impressively large bird of paradise plant among other highlights.

If you have a penchant for cacti you’ll enjoy wandering round the Arid House. Here you’ll see trees and plants that get by on minimal rainfall. At certain times of the year the plants in here receive no water at all, to mimic the conditions they would experience in the relevant parts of the world.

Finally there is the Mediterranean House, perhaps the highlight for many people and also one that is resplendent with citrus plants. It is interesting to note that the original designer of the gardens, JC Loudon, created the glasshouses and their surroundings very much as they are today. Of course they have developed remarkably since then, and now the Birmingham Botanical Gardens boast a collection of more than 7,000 plants.

Enjoy Some Seasonal Walks

The great thing about visiting the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is that they are forever changing. A visit in August will provide a very different picture to one seen on a visit made in January.

The good news is you can go on a number of walks throughout the gardens, taking in various seasonal plants as you go. The website even includes a suggested walk for every month of the year, giving you twelve very good reasons to pay a visit.

Among the other highlights the gardens have to offer is the bamboo maze, the rock garden and pool and the Kingdom of the Green Man. The latter has been specially created to appeal to children, making the Birmingham Botanical Gardens an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy. Take a packed lunch and make the most of it for the day.

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