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Despite the fears many people continue to have about travelling by airplane, flying remains one of the safest ways of all to travel. Nonetheless, just like any other form of travelling there are inevitably some risks involved in travelling by plane. Most of the more common types of flight accidents are fairly minor ones which result in equally non-serious injuries to passengers – however occasionally more serious injuries can be experienced as a result of incidents such as plane crashes or collisions.

Should you experience injury or illness it is possible to seek compensation through one of the legal firms specialising in such claims – such as Flight Accidents – even if the injury or illness was not the result of negligence on the part of the airline.

As with many other types of personal injury claim, one of the types of flight accident most frequently suffered by passengers is that of falls. Given the frequency with which accident claims resulting from slips and falls are made in other areas of life, it is perhaps not surprising that they occur fairly regularly when passengers are attempting to get from one place to another on a moving airplane. The injuries that this kind of accident can lead to range from head injuries to broken bones, sprains or cuts and bruises. Equally the accident can be caused by the plane being made unstable due to turbulence, or by the passenger failing to take sufficient care and attention when walking.

Another frequent type of flight accident is that luggage coming down from the overhead compartments it is kept in during the flight. This most often leads to head injuries, but can also cause injury to other parts of the body. Again the fault for such an accident may lie with the airline – if the luggage compartments are not secure enough to prevent such incidents, or if a member of the crew fails to load the luggage correctly into the compartments. Again the responsibility may lie with the passenger, if they are the ones who have failed to put their luggage into the compartments in the correct manner.

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